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Own Your M.A.D. Studio Public Art 

Affordable way to be your own boss & do what you love!

M.A.D. Studio is a place that started on $600 in a dive bomb economy while local art studios were closing down due to high franchise fees and strict restrictions. After one year I was making shy of $30,000 annually working 15 hours a week!

M.A.D. is sold PER CITY and can be found operating as a mobile business, at parks, shared locations as well as in retail centers, living rooms and in restored barns and prepared garages, parks, retail stores etc. M.A.D. can be held out of any well structured safe environment. Creativity and resourcefulness makes M.A.D. Art Studio successful!

With many press write ups and years in business I have found a nice second income in art and want to extend it to you! We have many proud owners in many cities, counties, and now internationally!

You can be next!

Your business Includes:

-Rights to use the name M.A.D. Studio Public Art and Gallery

-Constant business counseling

-Rights to use companies logos.


“We Be Free” Curriculum 3rd Revision with Common Core Integration to meet State Standards as well as additional History and Art Therapy/ Art in Assessment Instruction

Our Curriculum Sample MAD  is and has been used in Charter Schools, home schools, at-risk kids in the state and through large non-profits that house at-risk kids. We Be Free has also been actively used with the Autism Society, Treatment Centers,  and the Special Needs Dept. in Huntington Beach School District as well as with the elderly through Alzheimer’s Association.

-Your cities link added on main website

-Office Depot Business card 60% off printing

-M.A.D. Studio Owners guides included in purchase  and advancements in the company at a discounted rate.

– Connected to MAD owners growing community

– Active social media marketing based on your activity

-M.A.D. Studio legal papers including but not limited to; photo release, liability release, Artworks release, etc.

-Unlimited access to business counsel and guidance as you build and develop your MAD Studio as well as connection and opportunities with a team of wonderful MAD Art Studio Owners! 

A glimpse of what is on your MAD drive with so much more not seen here!

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Payment options: Yes we offer customized payment options! :)

Upon receiving payment you will be added and connected to existing active web page for immediate success, identification and growth for your business as well as have all your personalized files sent to you.

Words from an Owner…

My name is Shawna and I own the M.A.D Studio in Huntington Beach. We have over 80 students a week. Classes range from 18 months to the 5th grade. We work with the Special needs programs in the public schools. Work with the PTA at the public schools. Also have classes thru the community. I also volunteer a lot of my  time working and teaching art to orphan homes ect… We also provide private lessons. The advertising is almost free using Social networking. Also advertise at free city local events. The city events website. What makes it work is having the passion that most do not hold. The drive knowing that you are Making A Difference in a child’s life. When you work with M.A.D the money is a added bonus!
I would not change owning a M.A.D for anything!
Shawna Aschoff-Johnson
M.A.D. Art Studio, Huntington Beach

We truly want to see and support people succeed and manage their own income as they reach others in a M.A.D. way!

Make A Difference

Success for M.A.D. Studio Public Art & Gallery can be found in maintaining your own classes. Once your classes begin to grow adding more classes with additional teachers provides job growth in the economy and more in your pocket!

 MAD Studio

 Yes we do accept payments!


All Inquiries please email 


We hope to see M.A.D. Studio Public Art & Gallery make a difference in your community and in your life!

M.A.D. Studio Public Art
Christalyn Brooks 951. 252.7014

email: themadstudio@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

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