MAD Hands Foundation

MAD Hands Donates Art Supplies and Education

Many sponsored children are either economically disadvantaged, at-risk, and or have 970921_507196176016880_810191890_nspecial needs. MAD Hands believes in the power of art and desires to see the opportunity in art to be given to children.  Art provisions are proven to individually and collectively unite and bridge diverse ages and differences. Art provides a storyboard that helps the individual communicate and or identify to their emotions.

Make A Difference

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MAD Hands has been working with at-risk kids since 2009

THERE IS A GROWING NUMBER OF CHILDREN THAT NEED ART! The rise in budget cuts, economic struggles, divorce rates, larger special needs programs, and with more children calling the state their home then ever before MAD Hands needed to be developed!

Together we serve with help from our sponsors:
Rancho Damacitas, Temecula CA


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Oak Grove Treatment Center, Murrieta CA

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Children of the Night, Los Angeles CA