Murrieta, CA

M.A.D. Art Studio Owner

All locations are individually owned!

Each experience will be the reflection of the owner and provide a unique experience that will connect you with your community in a creative way!

Cherie Medina

Supplies inc.

Call 951.259.4245



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6 thoughts on “Murrieta, CA”

  1. My step daughter is homeschooled and would like to get involved in art classes. We live in Murrieta CA, but could take classes at the Temecula location as well.
    What classes do you offer in both locations? What times? Prices?
    Please email me details.
    Kaitlin Waldon

    1. Hi Please find your local MAD on the locations link and contact them in order to get involved! We look forward to seeing your work in the MAD Studios!

    1. Hi! Please contact your local MAD all owners run their studios individually but collectively we showcase all those involved with MAD throughout the country as we grow!

  2. HI I purchased 2 dealpalooza over a year ago, but was not able to get my kids into the class you were offering at the time. I was wondering if I could still use them and what classes you are having.

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