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Original Design with Proven Success!

Used with ages ranging from 18 mos.-80 years that are interested in unleashing and embracing the artist within.

The studious artist will be challenged by the brief yet enriching information that will engage them with the psychological principals of selected famous artists. They will be challenged and encouraged to connect to and become the artist that others begin to study.

The creative mind will feel refreshed from the drudgery of having to fill their time with facts.  This time is better spent honing in their own works of art.

Everyone has an opinion. We Be Free Curriculum does not give an opinion unless asked. We stand solid in guiding and encouraging through all stages of development with instruction in order to better water the budding artist.

This curriculum is sufficient for the use of individual study, Home-school studies,

       instructing an art class, art camp, art group, VBS etc.


Based on 12 Principals

                Emotion, Beauty, Create, Focus, Discover, Purpose, Positive, Action, Leader, Confidence, Express, Freedom

To dissect the drive and the passion behind each artist is what captivated a following in the first place. Having read many of the artists quotes and studied years of Psychology MAD found more value for the public to embrace the artists attempt to verbally

communicate  than in drowning out the artist with facts that will not engage a student in art. I chose a power word that set each artist apart and that quite possibly could be the leading word that placed them as such an icon in art history today.

These 12 principals are not only a value in ones intimate experience with art but also a benefit to infuse into daily living.

12 Artists

Matisse, Constable, Kandinsky, Michealangelo, Monet, Rembrandt, Leonardo, Van Gogh, O’Keefe, Klimt, Pollack, Picasso

The selected artists represent a well rounded palette in temperament and visual art.

photo (29)photo (27)

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